Police Briefs 10-14-2015

Thursday October 1st

Susan Ann DeAngelos, 50  of 7 Hillside Ave, Everett was charged with 2 arrest warrants

Alan J. Martel 51 of 497 Broadway Everett was charged with operating a motor vehicle with suspended license

Katy Kinslow McGillen 27 of 25A Blaney St. Revere was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon

Steven M. Talkowski 34 of 17 Arlington St. Malden was charged with operating with a suspended license subsequent offenxe and with 2 arrrest warrants

Shakeem T. Warner 26 of 90 Brooks St. East Boston, was charged with carrying a firearm with ammuntion, With larceny or a firearm. With carrying a firearm without a license subsequent offense and with failure to wear a seat belt

Friday October 2nd

Ronald Garcia DeAguiar 30 of 2 Chestnut West St. Randolph was charged with kidnapping with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and with an arrest warrant.

David Robert Frechette 30 of 9040 Broadway Everett was charged with 3 arrest warrants

Mohaned Ali Moussa 44 of 11 Landgon St. Everett was charged with malicious destruction of property worth over $250.

Allison Kathleeen Rabin 18 of 96 Woodlawn St. Everett was charged with assault and battery on a police officer with resisting arrest, with intimidation of a witness and with a court default warrant

Saturday October 3rd

Benson Baptiste 32 of 104 Plymouth Dr. Norwood was charged with an arrest warrant

Sunday October 4th

Waldir Furtado-Silva 23 of 258 Union Ave. Framingham was charged with using a motor vehicle without authority with operating a motor vehicle with license suspended and with resisting arrest.

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