Letter to the Editor

Michael McLaughlin Stands with Everett United

It was my privilege and honor to stand with my friends from Everett United along with Councilors John Hanlon, Mike Mangan, and School Committee Chairman Frank Parker on Boston City Hall Plaza Wednesday, October 7. We stood together to protect the almost 7,600 jobs that are on the line along with the millions of dollars in new taxes. We called on Boston’s Mayor Walsh to stop the nonsense and lawsuits against the Wynn Everett Resort development. Some candidates will say they are proven leaders and others, like me, prefer to prove it with their actions. I didn’t just stand up a few weeks ago in support of this project – I have been at the table fighting from day one in support of this development. This one development will change the Everett we know forever, and I am proud to say I am the only Ward Six City Council candidate this year that took a leading position on changing Everett in a positive way. On Tuesday, November 3, I ask for your Ward Six Council vote so together we can make Everett the best City in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

 Michael J. McLaughlin

Candidate for City Council

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