AHA Members Visit Project Adventure

Juniors in Everett High School’s Allied Health Academy (AHA) visited Project Adventure at Cabot Farms in Beverly as a reward for meeting the requirements to become AHA senior interns in the fall. The interns will work at the Whidden Hospital throughout the 2015-16 school year.

The 53 students attended a full-day workshop that featured exercises and projects that enhance team- and trust-building, communication skills, and goal setting.

Students were put in teams and faced an interesting set of challenges. One called for them to create an organ transplant team, complete with doctors and researchers. They also had to control the movement of the robots that assembled the transplanted organs.

Challenges such as these made students learn the best way to inspire, communicate and follow through on ideas needed to work together for a common goal.  Joining the students on the field trip were EHS Health Department teachers Susan Lomas, Winter Abboud, Therese Venezia, Julie Ann Whitson, and Jason Lawrence, and Health Department Chairperson Jodi Lava.

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