Police Briefs 06-17-2015

Traffic was brought to a standstill for more than 10 minutes last Friday afternoon as these two men engaged in the beginnings of a knife fight on Elm Street around 1:15 p.m. While there were lots of threats and a good amount of posturing by both armed men, no one was stabbed or injured. One man was arrested for assault by means of a dangerous weapon (knife) and made bail Friday night. Both men, police said, have a long history of fighting with one another.


A dogfight turned into one man being injured by the bite of a pit bull when the man tried to break up the canine altercation on Belmont Street Friday morning.

Everett Police said the man was trying to break up a dogfight when one of the animals bit him. Animal control removed the two dogs from the home on Belmont Street Friday morning. Police said another dog was also removed from the home, but wasn’t involved in the fight.

The man was initially reported to be a visiting nurse.

Both dogs in the fight were taken to an animal hospital, and were said by some to have a history of fighting with one another, but are not typically violent towards humans.

It was deemed an accident and charges are not likely.


A drug investigation in Everett resulted in an arrest of a 23-year-old Everett man from Stuart Street for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Subsequent investigation led to a search warrant in Winthrop that resulted in the seizure of more than two pounds of pot, $10,000 in cash and two handguns.


On Wednesday June 3, a resident of Union Street reported to the Everett Police Department that an unknown male walked onto his front porch and stole their family’s eight-month-old Pit Bull puppy.

The incident was captured on the family’s home surveillance camera. The video captured a white male, shaved head, walking onto the porch, playing with the puppy and after a few minutes, taking the puppy and its leash and walking toward Chelsea.

The homeowner reported the incident to police 30 minutes later. The homeowner, who declined to be identified, stated his wife and three children were heartbroken over this theft. An initial search of the area failed to locate the suspect with the stolen dog. Photographs of the suspect were displayed at roll call and sent to Everett Police Department units on patrol.

At 9:50 p.m., Detective Robert Hall observed a male matching the description in the roll call photograph, walking a pit bull puppy on Elm Street. Detective Hall encountered the individual with the dog and when informed of photographs, he admitted to another officer he took the puppy. The homeowner responded to Elm Street and confirmed this was his dog.

Arrested without incident was Nathan Deters, 44, of Revere. He was charged with Larceny of Property Over $250. He was arraigned in Malden District Court on Thursday June 4.

Chief Steven Mazzie said: “As a dog owner myself, there would be nothing worse than somebody taking your pet. We take these crimes seriously and are happy that we were able to reunite the owners with their puppy. Credit goes out to the officers who got the job done.”

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