PCSS Graduates


On Friday, June 12, fifty-three Pioneer Charter School of Science seniors walked across the stage at Faneuil Hall in Boston. The students heard from Commencement Speaker Former Chief Justice Roderick Ireland. Pictured above are the 17 Everett residents who graduated last week as part of PCSS’s Class of 2015. Back Row (left to right) – Benjamin Vajraca, Kens Michel, Skolle Charles, Benjamin Moloney, Matthew Greenlaw. Middle Row (left to right) Daniel Caruso, Bernlino Bien-AIme, reginald Florus, James Murray. Front Row (left to right) – Tess Kamuanga, Melyna Santos, Ana Ramirez, Luan Minitti, Sheila Vo, Tarie Marcelin, Kemerline Kaltofen, Robertina Seide.


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