Honored for Hard Work School Committee Recognizes 22 Gold Apple Winners

The Everett School Committee joined Superintendent Frederick Foresteire, school administrators and the friends and family of 21 of Everett’s best teachers and one parent in recognizing the dedication and hard work of the 2014-15 Gold Apple Winner for the Everett Public Schools this year.

The annual Gold Apple presentation was a celebration of the efforts of the teachers, as well as a way to recognize success in the classroom.

The winners this year included three teachers from the Webster School, three teachers and a parent from Everett High School, one district-wide teacher and two teachers each from the English, Adams, Parlin, Keverian, Lafayette, Whittier and Devens schools.

The list of this year’s Gold Apple winners is:

Mrs. Furnell McGrath of the Webster School

Mr. Joseph Ulm of Everett High

Parent Anthony Grassa of Everett High

Ms. Kerry Italiano of the English School

Ms. Tiffany Rodrigues of the English School

Ms. Jennifer Devanna of the Adams School

Ms. Sarah McDonald Abruzzese of the Adams School

Ms. Kate Lyczkowski of the Webster School

Ms. Megan Qualters of the Webster School

Mrs. Michelle DiLorenzo of the Parlin School

Mr. Jack Cash of the Parlin School

Ms. Jennifer Foley of the Keverian School

Ms. Danielle DeFeo of the Keverian School

Mr. James Murphy of the Lafayette School

Ms. Brittany Uminski of the Lafayette School

Mrs. Patricia Ells of Everett High

Ms. Andrea Tringale of Everett High’

Ms. Maria McGinness of the Whitter School

Ms. Rachel Annese of the Whittier School

Mrs. Kathleen Parker of the Devens School

Dr. Brian Wallace of the Deven School

And Mr. Kaczmarek of the Everett School District

The School Committee also formally adopted a 2015-2016 School Year Calendar that will begin on August 31, 2015, when teachers report to their schools at 9 a.m.

The first day for students will be September 1, 2015 and barring any changes due to weather cancellations, the tentative last day of the school year for students next year will be June 23, 2016. High School graduation day is tentatively scheduled for June 8, 2016.

Other dates of note include school vacations from December 24 through January 4, February 15 to February 22 and April 18 to April 25.

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