EHS to Partner with BHCC:School Committee Votes to Approve Collaboration Agreement

An agreement between Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) and Everett High School (EHS) is being hailed as “mutually beneficial to both institutions,” and will aim to give EHS students college credit through Bunker Hill Community College for a variety of courses which will be offered by BHCC at Everett High School.

The three year agreement will take effect on July 1, 2015 and run through June 30, 2018 and BHCC will conduct informational sessions at Everett High in order to explain the how the program will work and help attract prospective students into the program.

According to the terms of the “dual enrollment agreement,” students enrolled in the program will simultaneously earn college credit and credit toward their high school diploma. Additionally, BHCC will offer free tuition for a limited number of students in each course offering, based on the number of credit hours of the course and the course’s status as a college level credit or non-credit course.

The stated objectives of the agreement are to 1) offer college credit and non-credit courses that serve the needs of BHCC, EHS and the Everett community, 2) continue to develop a higher education presence at EHS and increase outreach initiatives in the community, 3) sustain a dual enrollment partnership that provides an opportunity for EHS students to graduate high school and earn college credit at the same time, 4) assess the feasibility of offering ESL courses that meet the needs of over age high school students unable to follow a traditional high school schedule and 5) upon completion of at least four semesters, assess the feasibility of initiating an early college pilot program that will provide EHS students with expanded opportunities. . .for attaining a significant number of BHCC college credits.

In return, EHS and the Everett Public Schools will allow the use of facilities at Everett High School and provide instructional space for the offered courses lease free, which BHCC can use to teach the courses.

BHCC will also choose and assess the teachers who will teach the courses and Everett High teachers will be eligible to apply to teach those courses.

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