When It Comes to Energy, You Have a Choice:Control Your Costs and Make a Difference with Responsible Energy

The threat of rising energy costs has got everyone down but Alexander Rhalimi of Revere has a solution that can help. Rhalimi is a Viridian Energy Independent Associate, whose driving purpose is to help renters and homeowners alike on their energy bills while making a positive environmental impact.

 “So many folks have been hurt by National Grid and NStar’s increase in rates that started last October,” Rhalimi said. “We’ve been helping people to control their costs by picking an energy supplier who will provide electricity or natural gas at an affordable price and a fixed rate. Most people don’t know they have the right to choose their supplier. People think they only have National Grid or NStar as options, but they can actually choose the company that supplies their energy, and still get their service and just one monthly bill from the utility.”

Since 2009, just by using the responsible energy supplied by Viridian, the company’s customers have helped avoid more than five billion pounds of climate-changing CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Committed to full transparency about their responsible energy and its positive impact, the company’s fifth annual Sustainability Report details the significant environmental benefit Viridian products have enabled and validates the collective impact of individual energy choices. (Read the full report at viridian.com)

When most people think about their energy supply, they think about electricity and natural gas. But Rhalimi was quick to note that Viridian offers a third option—affordable solar power—that can help save homeowners money.  By going solar with Viridian, qualified homeowners can generate their own, right on their rooftops to help minimize energy costs.

What’s more, Viridian customers are spared the hassle of paperwork and permitting and receive free installation, with no upfront costs whatsoever. Maintenance and monitoring are free of charge as well, as well as any necessary repairs or replacements.

But what draws most people to solar are the savings. Viridian provides low, locked-in rates for a full 20 years, no matter how high utility prices rise. In today’s energy environment, that’s real peace of mind. Plus, when a homeowner’s system produces more power than needed, the overage automatically flows into the energy grid, and the homeowner receives a credit for the exact amount from the utility. On long sunny days, that can really add up.

The convenience of being able to lease solar panels instead of having to buy them outright makes a big difference, too, and makes Viridian’s value proposition a very sound one.  “It’s a win-win situation,” Rhalimi said. “In the past, people would buy the panels and finance them. That can be very expensive, and they’d have to pull their own permits and handle all the paperwork themselves. Plus, if the panels broke, the homeowners were responsible for fixing them. By going solar with Viridian, maintenance and repairs are guaranteed for the life of the solar energy system – typically 20 years or more.”

City governments and business

Alexander Rhalimi Viridian Energy Independent Association in the area.

Alexander Rhalimi Viridian Energy
Independent Association in the area.

es can also jump on the solar bandwagon, Rhalimi said. In fact, commercial solar is a big part of Viridian’s solar business, offering the opportunity for municipalities and commercial enterprise alike to save money, control their energy costs, and make a substantial positive impact on the environment.

“I’m trying now to meet with cities and show them all the benefits of going solar with Viridian,” he said. “It’s great to see that a lot of cities across the country are actually taking affordable, responsible energy very seriously.”

To learn more about convenient, clean, affordable, solar energy from Viridian, visit www.gosolarwithviridian.com. To find out how easy changing your energy supplier can be—and what a difference it can make for your budget and the planet—contact Rhalimi at (617) 312-4755.

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