Welcome to Everett!

Everett is a wonderful place to call home. There are so many nice places to shop for thousands of items, and tasty gourmet restaurants with yummy and luscious food to munch. Throughout the city, Everett’s public schools are packed with students whom are fascinated by the joy of learning.  Sweet and peaceful young children and loyal risk-taking adults with brilliant personalities call the city of Everett, “home.”

In a few short years, echoing voices will be bouncing off the walls of a brand new casino. At night, little neon lights blink and noisy machines occasionally spit out their winnings. The traffic is wild. Honking cars fill up the road like a handcrafted, ice cold beverage pouring into a fine crystal clear pitcher. Neighbors’ ears will feel like they have an infection. In front of a rusty-colored building, standing as high as the horizon is a rectangular figure, tall and still – a large sign, which reads, “Visit the City of Everett in Massachusetts. Come and Make Your Trip Worthwhile!”

By Emma Horgan

4th Grader

Lafayette School in Everett, MA

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