Mayor Demaria Urges Residents to Vote No on Question 3

On the outskirts of Everett, on the edge of Boston is a heavily contaminated site bordering the Mystic River.  The site, formally used by the Monsanto Chemical Company, is comprised of more than 30 acres of land, and once housed a chemical production and storage plant.  The ground of the site is tainted with ash, arsenic and lead, amongst other pollutants. It has sat empty and unused for decades.

In the seven years that Carlo DeMaria has been Mayor of Everett, only one man has shown real interest in a site that had been forgotten, neglected and maybe given up on.

“Steve Wynn has never been afraid of what is under the ground in the Monsanto site,” DeMaria said.  “He knows he can’t do a single thing on that site until it is cleaned, but he has always looked toward the sky, envisioning what will be there instead of what obstacles we need to overcome.”

And while the challenges are not small, in the end, Everett will be left not only with a clean site, but also with a $1.6 billion dollar, five star destination resort with over 500 rooms.  The resort is the largest private investment in Everett’s history, and the largest privately funded single phase development in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

 “Since I took office, my administration has worked on a Lower Broadway master plan to try to better a neighborhood that is filled with great residents, but has many industrial uses along the entrance of the City,” DeMaria said.  “I knew we could do better.”

And this truly has been a group effort, with over 6,000 voters and an 87 percent approval rating in the casino election, and with Everett United, a local grassroots effort of Everett residents, the City of Everett has come together like never before to support the Wynn development. Signs have and continue to pop up all over the City, adorning houses and business alike, first in favor of the project and now to encourage residents to vote No on Question 3.

Question 3 is the latest hurdle for a project that seems to continue to defy the odds, despite being the underdog throughout much of the decision process.  Question 3 is an effort by anti-casino proponents to stop the Casino projects that have already been awarded licenses in the Commonwealth.  If Question 3 passes then the Massachusetts Gaming Legislation will be repealed and gaming will no longer be allowed in Massachusetts.

“This is a very dangerous and misguided effort, and I am urging the residents of Everett and throughout the Commonwealth to join me to defeat this repeal,” DeMaria said.  “A vote no on question 3 is a vote for the City of Everett.  I am asking every single registered voter to go out and vote on No on Question 3 on November 4.”

If Question 3 did pass it would have true negative effects on the City of Everett and on the Commonwealth.  Everett would lose almost 30 million dollars in tax revenue a year, not including revenues from meals, lodging and excises taxing.  The Commonwealth would lose out on 10,000 permanent jobs and 6,500 construction jobs along with 400 million dollars in revenues and important infrastructure improvements.

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