Vote No on 3

Dear Neighbors,

In two weeks Massachusetts will take to the polls for the 2014 State Election. As always, it is important for us, as citizens, to exercise our right to vote. However, this November 4th it is especially important. As many of your already know, one of the ballot questions, Question 3, involves the historic legislation that allows expanded gaming in Massachusetts and will eventually make Wynn Everett a reality. The Question asks whether or not voters across the Commonwealth want to repeal the current law that was passed in 2010. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that residents of Everett unite together and Vote NO on Question 3, so that we can continue on with the Wynn Everett development and protect the vision we hold for Everett’s future.

Since taking office in 2008, I have had a clear vision on how to move Everett forward, especially with respect to the City’s gateway on lower Broadway. After the passage of the casino legislation, our City was fortunate to partner with the premier casino developer in the world, Steve Wynn, who expressed his desire to invest over a  billion dollars in the lower Broadway area to develop a world-class resort and casino.

In June of 2012, 86.4% of Everett voters showed their support for the casino legislation and for the Wynn Everett Resort by voting in favor of the project. The people of Everett knew, as I did, that Wynn Everett would promote our vision and allow for redevelopment in ways we could only imagine. The people of Everett have already spoken loudly and clearly, they want Wynn Everett, and they support the legislation as written.

A repeal, or “prohibition” as the question is written, would be extremely detrimental to the vision we hold for our City’s future. Without the ability to develop the casino, the City would not only lose obvious revenue, but more importantly we would lose the catalyst for the revitalization of the lower Broadway area. For our City, Wynn Everett is not only about the remediation and redevelopment of a single parcel, it is about kick-starting the regeneration of an entire area. With this development Everett will enter into a new renaissance. We will be a City with an active waterfront, with a bustling center of shops, hotels, and restaurants. Everett will be a true destination, and not just a cut-through to Boston, a way to beat the tolls.

No longer can we afford to be placed on the back burner. Our time is now. We must not let others decide what the future of Everett will look like and wash away years of hard work and effort. We must not idly sit by and allow this legislation to be repealed. To those who seek to take away our ability to decide our own destiny, we have to speak with one voice, loudly and with resolve. We have to say no.

Everett is a strong and proud City, with a rich history and a bright future. I know that we can unite together once again and fight for our future. In the last two years, we have asked a lot of the people of Everett – their belief in the process, their involvement and input in the careful planning and their support last June. But we need your help one last time.

On November 4th, I ask you to fight for Everett, and Vote No on Question 3.

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