Letters to the Editor

Vote No on 3

To the Editor,

As we get closer to the November 4th election, the choice has become increasingly clear to VOTE NO ON QUESTION #3. The licensed Wynn Everett resort as well as the MGM in Springfield and Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville will add 10,000 jobs to the Massachusetts economy. In Everett alone, there will be 4,000-plus construction jobs and 4,000-plus permanent, well-paying careers when Wynn Everett opens its doors.

This goes well beyond just a casino and a 5-star resort. Wynn Everett presents an opportunity for a rebirth on Lower Broadway unlike anything Massachusetts has ever seen. The results of a boom of future development will generate even more good paying jobs, a larger commercial tax base, which in turn will create a lower residential tax base for homeowners and taxpayers of Everett.

By voting NO ON QUESTION #3, this will allow all of this future development. Anchored by Wynn Everett, we will be able to create an even better, stronger way of life for both current and future residents of Everett.

Paul D. Dobbins


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