Senator DiDomenico Acquires Funding for Connolly Center Kitchen Remodel in Senate Budget

Senator Sal DiDomenico recently announced that his amendment to acquire funding for the Connolly Senior Center kitchen remodel passed in the Senate budget

“I am happy to announce that my amendment was passed in the budget,” said Senator DiDomenico. “As a frequent visitor to the Connolly Center I know this is a much needed kitchen remodel. Seniors deserve a place that they feel comfortable and can safely use, and it is important that the kitchen passes all current regulations.”

The funding will be used to remodel the kitchen and bring it up to code, which is necessary for the safety of Seniors who visit the Connelly Center. It is also crucial for groups who provide food for the Seniors, such as the Mystic Valley Elder Services and Meals On Wheels, to have a safe working environment. In addition, the remodel will help to make the space more comfortable so Seniors can enjoy a nutritional meal while socializing.

This amendment was also included in the final budget and the City of Everett will be receiving the funding to begin the project.

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