School Year Begins

You know it’s almost the end of summer when our vaunted Everett High School football team has begun practice for the new season.

The calendar says that summer will be here officially until Sept. 22, but when the students are heading back to school and our high school and Pop Warner teams are back on the gridiron – the “real” summer is just about over.

Next week Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire and his administrators and teachers will welcome back more than 7,000 students to the Everett schools. That’s a large number of students, an enrollment that increases every year.

In Everett, our outstanding superintendent and the hard-working staff at our schools are diligent and committed to providing each student with a well-rounded education so they may one day continue their academic careers in college.

We’re also fortunate that we have a superb and spacious state-of-the-art high school, one that when other communities are looking to build their own new high schools, they come to Everett to take a tour of this building and its superb facilities.

When you add in the beautiful new look of Glendale Park – and what a great job our city leaders did in the transformation of this recreational space – we can say that the Glendale Park/Everett High School combination – may be the best aesthetically of its kind in Massachusetts.

We wish our Everett administrators, teachers, and students a safe and successful school year.

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