School Committee Donates John Jr. Statue to Kennedy Museum in Hyannis

The Everett School Committee, by unanimous vote on Monday night dedicated the life sized sculpture of John F. Kennedy Jr., which was sculpted by local artist Richard Armaro on behalf of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Richard Aliberti, also of Everett.

The Aliberti’s had commissioned their son to create the sculpture after the death of John Kennedy Jr in July 1999, in a  plane accident.

The statue depicts the famous 1963 photograph of a young John Kennedy Jr,. saluting his father’s casket following the assassination of President Kennedy.

The completed sculpture was donated to the Everett school system and its students by the Aliberti family in 2000. Richard Alberti, a longtime employee of the Everett school system, and his wife were deeply saddened by the death of President Kennedy and were touched by the actions of the little boy, John Kennedy Jr., as he said goodbye to his father.

Following the unveiling of the statue in Everett in 2000 then Senator Edward Kennedy, the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy, wrote a letter to the Everett school district extolling the sculpture as having deep meaning and emotion for his family.

The Executive Director of the John F. Kennedy Museum in Hyannis had recently reached out to the Everett School District to ask for the statue to be donated, so that it may be included in a new exhibit at the museum being developed to memorialize John Kennedy Jr.’s life and work.

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