Thank You Senator DiDomenico

In last week’s newspaper, Mayor Carlo DeMaria announced that the City will receive $3.75 million from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to repair Beacham Street.

The repair of this street with new sewers and drainage for runoff water from rain and snow storms is crucial to make sure that the City does not get fined by the Environmental Protection Agency for polluting a sensitive ecological systems.  The $3.75 million alone is worth spending just to avoid years of almost certain potential fines.

However, for many residents fixing this street that runs through Chelsea and the Produce Center should be placed on a low priority for our municipal budget. The general thinking is that streets that are used much more frequently by Everett residents should be given a top priority.

But, City officials needed to address and fix this problem area.

This is where Senator Sal DiDomenico comes into the picture.

DiDomenico was a City Councillor when the discussion of this project was first aired at a City Council meeting.  At that time, the Councillors were able to postpone allocating the funds, but not the need to put this project on a to do list.

Well, a few years later, DiDomenico, who is in the Senate leadership team for Ways and Means was able to get approved the State Transportation Bond Bill. One of the projects earmarked for funding in this bill was Beacham Street.

This is but one example of how important having an experienced state delegation is for the taxpayers of Everett.

On behalf of the taxpayers of Everett, we say thank you Sen. DiDomenico.

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