Council Receives FY 2015 Capital Improvement Plan

Mayor Carlo DeMaria submitted his FY 2015 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to the City Council at its March 10, 2014 meeting. The FY 2015 CIP proposes a $15,028,818 capital spending plan that would seek to fix streets and sidewalks, update tot lots across the city, continue infrastructure improvements, renovations to the Hancock Fire Station and City Hall and needed vehicle and equipment purchases for city services, ISD, police and fire departments, as well as technology upgrades for the city information services department. CIP funds are also being requested for upgrades to the city’s two libraries, and several schools, including the completion of renovations at the Shute Library and improvements to the Parlin Library.

Of the $15 million request, slightly more than half would be paid for through borrowing, as $8,625,000 of the proposed capital would be paid through bonds.

Other funding sources for the lengthy list of capital expenditures includes more than $4 million in grant funding, $865,000 from budget appropriations, and about $1,345,000 from free cash.

“Once again our Capital Improvement Plan pays attention to major expenses and updates necessary for the optimum operation of City, such as equipment purchases and extensive improvements to existing facilities, land and infrastructure,” said DeMaria. “These improvement projects are essential, in that they directly impact the future of Everett. By following this plan, we can create a city with improved appearance, increased property values and first rate facilities, equipment and infrastructure and most importantly we can do so in a fiscally responsible way.”

According the City Charter, the City Council is required to hold a public hearing on the CIP within two weeks of receiving it, in order to take comment from the community, before voting on the CIP or any of its proposals.

Copies of the CIP are available on the city’s website, or in hard copy at the Parlin Library and the City Clerk’s Office.

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