EHS Science Fair Winners Announced: Categories Included Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Physics

The top winners of the Everett High School Science Fair in each of four categories were publicly presented to the Everett School Committee during Monday night’s meeting at the EHS library. The EHS Science Fair was held on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at EHS.

The students competed and were awarded in four categories including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering and each of the winners presented a short abstract of their science fair experiment and their success in proving their hypotheses.

In Biology, students Obed Posada and Carlos Bonilla set out to determine which of DNA extracted from three different types of produce would survive longest in different types of environmental conditions. Their experiment showed that DNA from an onion survived longer at room temperature, than the DNA taken from either a strawberry or a tomato, seeming to support their hypothesis that because onion cells contain a high concentration of DNA, they are more likely to survive longer than the DNA from the two fruits.

Their experiments earned them the Biology Gold Medal and 2nd place overall in the Science Fair.

In the Chemistry category Cassandra Kysilovsky, Kailey Gilbert and David Nguyen sought to determine if beta carotene could be used to disinfect plants infected with agrobacterium and help them survive the infection.

Their experiment not only proved that Beta Carotene can be used to disinfect crops infected with agrobacterium, but it earned them a tie for First Place Overall as well as the Chemistry Gold Medal.

Edison Delarosa competed in the Engineering category, seeking to learn how different environmental/weather conditions effect the flight of various types of remote control aircraft. His experiments tested four different types of aircraft and measured the act of inclement weather conditions on their flight characteristics, earning him the Gold Medal in Engineering and 3rd place overall.

Finally, in the Physics category Christopher Boucher sought to compare the amount of energy that could be harnessed from natural or renewable sources. His experiments tested the power generating abilities of solar, wind and hydroelectric by measuring the voltage, current and power generated by each renewable source. The hydroelectric method generated the most energy and the experiment earned Christoper the Gold Medal in Physics and a tie for 1st place overall.

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