City Remains Strong in Campaign Against Blighted Property: ISD Makes Significant Progress on Two Offending Properties

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Director of Inspectional Services, James Soper, are pleased to report on the significant progress that ISD has made in respect to two properties in the City with multiple sanitary and building code violations, 28 Central Ave and 6 Staples Ave.

The City recently has settled the process for receivership for the first negligent property located at 28 Central Ave.   The Central Ave property had acquired numerous violations of the Mass State Sanitary Code 105 CMR. After several months of no response to ISD enforcement action requests and fines totaling over $3500, the property was turned over to the law firm of D’Ambrosio & Brown LLP, whose services have been secured by the City in order to begin the process of receivership.  D’Ambrosio & Brown were able to expedite the lengthy legal process, and last week, a judge from the Woburn Superior Court issued receivership of the property to contractor, Daniel Tammaro.

As appointed receiver, Tammaro will now take full responsibility for the property and is tasked with making the necessary repairs to clear all State Sanitary violations.  Once repairs are complete, Tammaro will collect payment for the cost of the repairs with additional fees allowed for management of the project. The City will be paid all fines, back-taxes, or any other monies owed in regards to the property.  Once the City clears the property of the violations, the owners of the property, and the banks or management companies, will then be given first opportunity to make repayment to Tammaro, otherwise he can take advantage of a rapid foreclosure process through the Court.

“I am glad to finally see some resolution with 28 Central Ave,” states Mayor DeMaria, “For years the neighbors have been dealing with this vacant, neglected property.  Our ISD team has been diligent in its dealing with this case.  With over five pages of documented violations, and $3500 in fines, it has been a long and arduous task. But let this be a warning to other violators, the City of Everett will not allow properties to stay in violation of health and safety codes.  Our Police, Fire, and ISD departments will remain aggressive in their campaign against blight and unsafe neighborhood conditions.  Property owners will be held accountable.”

This past week, the ISD department was also able to make progress on another troublesome property located at 6 Staples Ave.  Through a joint effort with the Everett Police and Fire Departments, ISD was able to identify the property as an illegal rooming house.  Several lengthy police reports, including some documented major crimes were reported by the EPD, along with fire safety code violations by the Fire Department.  Once enabled with the ability to enter the building, ISD then discovered that the property was an illegal rooming house with both building and sanitary code violations.  The owner had illegally sectioned off the single family home and was renting out 9 rooms individually.  No permits had ever been issued, and no inspections had ever been conducted.  In addition to the illegal construction and renting of units, the property owner also falsely reported living on the premises in order to collect tax credits.

ISD immediately locked the property so that it could no longer be used as an illegal rooming house and issued over $2800 in fines.  The property owners have since been found responsible by the Hearing Officer. ISD Director Jim Soper states, “The property on Staples Ave is another example of the aggressive tone that the ISD, Police and Fire Departments will continue to take in order to keep our neighborhoods habitable and safe.  Illegal rooming houses are a very real danger to our families and neighborhoods.  The Mayor has made it very clear – they will not be tolerated in our City.”

The property on Staples Ave will continue to be levied with fines if the current fines remain unpaid and the property remains in violation.  Any fines that are ignored or remain unpaid will be added to the property tax bill.

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