City Collects $2.5 Million in Back Taxes

Mayor Carlo DeMaria recently received a report from Counselors at Law, D’Ambrosio Brown LLP, on the status of the City’s 2013 calendar year tax title collections. In 2013, the City collected over $2.5 million in back taxes and returned more than one hundred and fifty- four (154) properties to the active tax rolls. Since the City joined collaborative efforts with D’Ambrosio Brown LLP five years ago to remove the City’s substantial tax title backlog, the City has collected in excess of $9,300,000.00.

“Everyday my administration seeks to make our finances stronger and to keep Everett in the best financial position possible,” states Mayor DeMaria, “Proactive financial maneuvers like these put the City in a good fiscal position while saving taxpayers money.”

The $2,515,368.10 collected in calendar year 2013 represents payments of tax title accounts, delinquent water bills, current fiscal year delinquencies, and the sale proceeds from a highly successful tax title public auction. Below is a report showing the totals collected by calendar and fiscal year:

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