Night Shift Brewing Growing in Everett: Charlton Street Microbrewery Plans April Move to Santilli Highway

Night Shift’s Mike Sullivan serves a draft to a visitor and barrel club member a Night Shift.

Night Shift’s Mike Sullivan serves a draft to a visitor and barrel club member a Night Shift.

For two years now Night Shift Brewery has operated in an industrial building on 3 Charlton Street in Everett, adjacent to the Charleston Chew condominium buildings off lower Broadway, as a popular brewery and tasting pub/tap room for small batch beer aficionados.

But according to Night Shift Brewing co-founder Michael Oxton, the company’s operations will move to new quarters “across from the Teddy Peanut Butter company” on Santilli Highway this spring.

“We’re shooting for April,” said Oxton, “I think the things that people would like to know about us are that we always have the brewers on hand you always meet one of our brewers, see how the beer is made, visitors can look at each of the barrels, see the ingredients, really get behind our process. The tap room always has beer that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Night Shift is the creation of three friends from Somerville, Oxton, Rob Burns and Mike O’Mara, who began brewing beer in their kitchen three years ago and then decided to turn that passion into a fulltime business.

They opened on Charlton Street two years ago, in a building and location that at first doesn’t seem to be the ideal location for a microbrewery and tap room, but somehow works just the same.

Like many microbreweries, Night Shift Brewing specializes in small-batch brews with limited runs. The hours of operation for visitor are weeknights from 3 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 12 to 6 p.m.

“On Saturdays we usually average about 150 people through here, which keeps us really busy,” said Oxton of the popularity of their Charlton Street operation.

Visitors can sample flights or bottles in the tap room and take home bottles or growlers of select styles as well. The brewery also sells memberships that offer access to special brews and discounts that are not available to other visitors.

According to the company’s official website, a selection of Night Shift Brewing products are also available at select liquor and beer stores around Massachusetts in bottles and growlers, and several other locations also offer the beers on tap.

To check out Night Shift Brewing, see a list of the current styles or find out where to find Night Shift beers outside of the Charlton Street microbrewery, visit

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