New Beginning

The inauguration ceremony that was held on Monday night marks a new beginning for the City of Everett.

While many of the faces of the elected officials are the same, their duties have changed dramatically under the new charter.

There is now only a City Council instead of a Board of Aldermen and a City Council.

The Mayor is now elected for a four-year term.

These changes will have a profound effect on how legislation will be treated in Everett.

The Mayor will now know that he will be able to put forth legislation that might be beneficial knowing that there is added time for his program to take root.  And the Council will now be able to make decisions faster without having to wait a week or longer for the other legislative body to vote on the measure.

This year will hold its share of good and bad. The decision on the casino that could be a windfall for Everett taxpayers will be known by mid-May.

Whatever the outcome of this project or other projects that Everett as a city will encounter, the municipal process promises to be much more efficient.

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