It’s Not Too Late: Please Remember Those in Need

The economists may tell us that we finally have turned a corner in the recovery from the debacle of the Great Recession of the Bush years, but  statistics only tell part of the story. The cold, harsh reality for many Americans is that economic recovery still is only a dream in a world where even those who are lucky enough to work full-time are barely getting by.

And for those who cannot find a job, or who are unable to work, and especially for their children, the holiday joy that most of us take for granted is just an illusion. We recognize that in our hurry-hurry world where we barely have time to think, the Christmas season brings with it the pressure of last-minute shopping and holiday preparations. But we urge all of our readers, who have the means to do so, to take a deep breath and a brief time-out in order to consider doing something to make the holiday season a bit brighter for those who are less fortunate.

We can assure you that any gift of charity that you make, whether it be to a Toys for Tots program or to a Salvation Army Santa or a food bank donation, will be the most meaningful — and most satisfying — act that you can make this holiday season.

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