ISD Makes Progress on Blighted Properties

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Director of Inspectional Services, Jim Soper, are pleased to report that ISD has made substantial progress in identifying and controlling blighted, abandoned, and illegal properties.

The Inspectional Services Department recently began the process for receivership for three Everett properties: 28 Central Ave, 181 Nichols Street, and 58 High Street. Each of these properties has numerous violations of the Mass State Sanitary Code 105 CMR. After several months of no response to ISD enforcement action requests, the properties have been turned over to the D’Ambrosio Brown LLP to begin the process of Receivership.

A case will now be brought forward in Malden District Court requesting that a judge appoints a Receiver for each of the properties. The current owner will not lose ownership of the property at this time, however the appointed Receiver will be tasked with making the necessary repairs to clear all State Sanitary violations.

Once repairs are complete, the Receiver will collect payment for the cost of the repairs with additional fees allowed for management of the project. The owners of the property, and the banks or management companies, will then be given first opportunity to make  repayment to the Receiver.  If the current owner does not make the necessary repayment, then the Receiver of the property can take advantage of a rapid foreclosure process through the Court.

“For years my administration has taken a strong stance against blighted properties,” states Mayor DeMaria, “Properties that ignore health and sanitary codes are a detriment to our City’s health and value. We will continue to persist against properties in violation to ensure we can all live and enjoy our neighborhoods comfortably.”

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