Remember Those in Need: There Are Many Ways to Help Those Less Fortunate

Although the economists tell us that the recovery from the Great Recession is still a slow one, the bottom line is that for most Americans, things are going well and getting better compared to a few years ago

But for too many of our fellow citizens, life still is tough and getting tougher thanks to cutbacks in SNAP (food stamps) and other programs that benefit those who truly are in need.

There are countless ways in which those of us who are doing well (or at least doing better) can help our neighbors and fellow citizens for whom this holiday season will be very bleak without donations to area food banks, Toys for Tots, and similar programs.

We will hear much in the coming weeks about the countdown of shopping days ‘til Christmas. We urge all of our readers to think of it also as a countdown to how many days we have left to help those who need our help.


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