Lower Broadway Zoning Clears Final Hurdle: Council Vote Establishes New Economic Development Zone

The Everett Common Council completed its second vote in favor of the new Lower Broadway Economic Development District (LBEDD) zoning on Monday night, completing the official adoption of the new zoning and giving the city’s planning and community development department a critical tool it needs to attract and encourage redevelopment of the largely industrial section of the city.

According to Planning and Development Director Jamie Errickson, with the new zoning officially established the city will now turn its attention to internal and administrative issues related to enforcing the new zoning.

“We’ll look to have our consultant do some internal training with the ISD (inspectional services department) to make sure that the new zoning is supported, it’s really just administrative stuff,” said Errickson.

Errickson added that the important thing going forward is to make sure that if someone comes forward with an interest in developing in the lower Broadway zone, that city personnel and inspectors ensure that the proper sections of the new regulation are applied properly and developers are referred to the appropriate boards or department for permits, license and inspections.

“It’s really housekeeping and administration,” said Errickson. “We need to develop the proper forms, establish fees and processes to make sure the new zoning is properly enforced and applied. There’s nothing that requires any further approvals  – from a zoning standpoint – from the council or the aldermen.”

In addition to establishing new requirements for what can be built or developed in the Lower Broadway zone and encouraging specific types of development, the new zoning also establishes requirements for public hearings, public input and the public process for getting projects approved. According to Errickson and the Mayor’s office, the new zoning, will for the first time establish protections for the residential neighborhood that abuts occupies the LBEDD.

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