Leonard Jordan Announces for Council at Large Seat

The following is the announcement for Leonard Jordan who is a candidate for City Council at Large:

Hello, my name is Leonard Jordan and I’m a candidate for councilor at large on the new City Council. I’m running city wide.

I’m married to my wife Allison and I’m the father of two sons; Joseph, an Army veteran who served in the war in Iraq, and my son Lenny who is still in school.

I have lived in Everett all of my life and I now own and live in the house that I grew up in on Estes Street.

Some of you may know me as an elected official; I currently serve as a member of the Common Council from Ward 3.  I am the Co-Chairman of the Public Safety Committee and I serve on the Committee on Bills and Accounts and the Committee on Ethics.

You may already know me from my previous campaigns for the Common Council.  I’ve talked to a lot of you in Ward 3 on your porches and at your front doors, and I look forward to seeing many of you again during this campaign.

As I campaign city wide, I’ve met many more of you and I look forward to meeting and making many more friends between now and November 5.

Some others may know me as the son of Harold and Frances Jordan.  My father was a life-member and one of the driving forces behind the building of the Elks Lodge in Everett.  I have continued his tradition of service to the community through the Elks and I now serve as a Trustee of the Everett-Saugus Lodge of Elks.

My mother Frances was a member of the Everett Emblem Club for many, many years until her death 6 years ago.

And some others may know me from my service on the Everett Auxiliary Police Department.   I’ve been on the force for over twenty years and I’ve risen through the ranks to become Chief of the Auxiliary Police.  I was appointed by Mayor Carlo De Maria in June.

My commitment to serving this city isn’t just an empty promise, it’s a proven fact.  And I want to continue that service to our community as your Councilor at Large.

I go to work every day just like you do.  I work as a HVAC technician.  And just like you, I work to support my family and my home.  I know first hand how difficult it is to make ends meet for homeowners these days. I know that the city faces the same problems with shrinking state aid and tight budgets.

And as a homeowner, I know that sometimes it can seem very difficult to get the city government to work for you.

As your councilor, I’ll be there to help you.  When I’m elected to the City Councilor as a Councilor at Large, I’ll make sure that your vote and your voice count!

I will be an independent vote on the City Council, and I will be a full time advocate for the residents of Everett.

I will be committed to making sure that our senior citizens, the people who spent their lives and worked in this city, have a clean and safe place to live.

I’ll make sure that our public safety employees, our police officers and firefighters, have the tools, the support and the financial resources they need to do their jobs and keep this city safe.

I know that the city needs new growth for the future, but I will only vote for new developments that make sense for our residents, not just for the developers..

Thank you and God bless you.

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