Mayor to Re-present Parkway Overlay Legislation

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his administration have been working recently to update proposed legislation regarding a Parkway Overlay District. It is the Mayor’s intention to represent this legislation to the City Council in the upcoming weeks.

Working with the consulting group Parsons Brinkerhoff, a global planning, engineering and construction management firm, the Mayor is determined to bring new life to the struggling Revere Beach Parkway and promote a better long-term vision for the area.  By instituting an Overlay District, the City can ensure that any new development along the Parkway will meet specific development criteria.  With the implementation of this Overlay District the Mayor is hoping to add value to a primary gateway into the City.

“The resurrection of the Parkway Overlay design promotes a use more consistent with the future plan of the parkway,” states Mayor DeMaria, “My administration and I want to encourage progressive and constructive businesses and developments that will enhance and sustain the quality of life along the Parkway.”

The Mayor is hoping this proposal will offer more benefits, rather than restrictions, for incoming developments.  The elements of the Overlay District will define allowable uses of the property and also set new requirements to help build a new visual element for Route 16.  New requirements such as the placement of any new buildings closer to the street in order to retain parking behind the buildings will give the corridor a smarter and more aesthetically pleasing design, similar to that of Station Landing in Medford or the Bio-Tech epicenter of Kendall Square in Cambridge.

Along with parking requirements, new developers would also have to conform to open space plans, shared driveway plans and landscape and building design plans.

“It’s time to take action in this area of our City.  Route 16 has the potential to be a successful, thriving commercial corridor.  However, rules, regulations, and criteria need to be in place in order to secure the high-quality development we desire,” states Mayor DeMaria, “We all want a better future outlook for that area, but we need the tools to make it happen.”

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