Steve Wynn Unveils New Hotel/Casino

Casino proponent Steve Wynn explains to the crowd assembled at the Connolly Center last Friday more of the details of his plan for a resort casino on Lower Broadway – including the use of a type of glass known as Wynn Bronze in the high-rise.

Casino proponent Steve Wynn explains to the crowd assembled
at the Connolly Center last Friday more of the details of his plan
for a resort casino on Lower Broadway – including the use of a
type of glass known as Wynn Bronze in the high-rise.

Steve Wynn showcased new details and renderings of his proposed $1.2 billion Wynn Resort Hotel and casino during an event Friday afternoon at the Edward G. Connolly Center.

The presentation attracted state and city officials, school leaders, and Everett residents who listened as Wynn, one of the world’s foremost developers of hotels and casino projects, talked about the 19-story, 550-room Wynn hotel and casino that would be built along the Mystic River in Everett.

Wynn, chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts Ltd., did not disappoint the large crowd inside the hall, putting on a spectacular demonstration that included five massive posters showing the Wynn Resort from different angles, piped in music from legendary entertainer Frank Sinatra, an attractive Wynn Resort podium, a crisp sound system, and professional sky lighting that brought a Hollywood style feel to the proceedings.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. introduced Wynn to the enthusiastic audience, many of which will be heading to the polls on Saturday, June 22 to vote “yes” or “no” to the project on a citywide referendum.

“It’s an exciting day for all of us,” said DeMaria. “I can see the excitement in everyone’s eyes here. We’re here to hear from Mr. Wynn and it’s my great honor and pleasure to introduce Steve Wynn again.”

Wynn said he relished the opportunity to present his proposal to the people of Everett, saying, “I’ve been practicing for 46 years. And when I say practicing, in a real sense I sort of mean that. In our company, we design everything in house. The Bellagio, Mirage, Wynn, Encore, Golden Nugget – all of these things were done by the same group of designers and people of which I am one. We’ve been together for 33 years doing our own stuff.

“But all of us share one simple idea: That if we could do one more project, one more – maybe, just maybe we’ll get it right.”

Wynn spoke of having “a passion for process,” expressing that if you are surrounded by good colleagues, “that’s a team that produces superior projects and all of us at Wynn Resorts, we share that passion for the process of creating these places.”

Wynn described the project and its locale as being an “Urban Wynn.” He said his company is basically “hotel designers.”

“We build fanciful hotels because we can have a casino to pay for them,” said Wynn. “That’s what I love about casinos – that they allow us to build fanciful, unusual food, beverage, entertainment, convention, hospitality places. People love hotels and restaurants and shopping. Those are things that matter.”

Wynn told the attentive audience that his idea for Everett is to build a hotel that has “a beautiful entry and lobby, wonderful shops, really fanciful restaurants, nightclub and entertainment, meeting rooms and a spa that are wonderful to go to, and then, down the hall with its own parking access separate, is a room full of gaming equipment that helps pay for the rest of the place.”

Wynn cited his proven track record of success in the hospitality industry, receiving five-star recognition from Forbes for his hotels in Las Vegas and China. He said that the Wynn Las Vegas hotel set a record of having $770 million in casino revenue last year. “That was more than anyone in the history of the state [Nevada].”

Wynn turned to the Styrofoam posters that depicted the ornate Wynn Resort from five different vantage points.

“If you turn off Broadway and you take a left in to the property and go back toward the circle inside the project, you’re in a tree-lined boulevard,” said Wynn. “As you go down the tree-line boulevard with the hotel on the right, you head back toward the Mystic River. You get a sense of the intense landscaping [that we’re planning].”

Other posters displayed the proposed atrium,  promenade into the shopping arcade, river walk, park,  bicycle path, boardwalk, and waterfront where there will be a dock.

Wynn was asked in an interview by Anthony Everett of WCVB-TV Channel 5 how long it would take for the entire project to be built.

“When the state makes up its mind, things go very fast,” he said. “Let’s assume that the state makes their decision on a given day – from the day the state makes a decision, I believe this process, with foundations and everything else, could be 30 months.”

That means if the city of Everett votes favorably for the project on June 22 and the State Gaming Commission awards Wynn Resorts a gaming license in early 2014, the residents of Everett could see Wynn Resort and a casino in full operation by the summer of 2016.

DeMaria was pleased with Wynn’s presentation and the warm and significant applause that followed his remarks.

“I think it went excellently,” said DeMaria. “This was a great event and Mr. Wynn’s presentation was tremendous. It was very informative and he is a great speaker.”

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