Alderwoman Millie J. Cardello Announces Her Candidacy for Mayor

E1Alderwoman Millie J. Cardello has announced her candidacy for Mayor in the upcoming election.

The following is her statement:

Now is the time for change…. As the Federal and State budgets are being cut so is their aid to cities and towns. Having a vision is great but over spending and growing the city’s budget year after year is not the answer. Spending more and more at the expense of the small business community, the blue collar workers and retired residents that are the back bone of this city, so a few can make more is NOT the answer …IT IS NOT RIGHT. A true vision is one that moves the city forward along with All its citizens, living within our means and not economically pushing out those who helped build its solid foundation.

Millie J. Cardello will do just that. The Cardello family for four generations in Everett have done just that

Millie has devoted her entire life to family and community. As a youth, graduating from Everett High School and living on Chelsea Street. As an adult after serving five years in the United States Air Force moving to Ferry Street, raising her family and caring for her aunt and uncle.

Whether is was as a youth league baseball coach, a Boy Scout leader, a CCD teacher

Or a member of the Emblem Club, Millie has always been there paying it forward to the city she has called home her whole life.

Entering the political world, Millie ran for an office in 1995 feeling the need to help the children and won a seat on the Everett School Committee where she spent six years doing that.  Millie then ran for a City Council seat and being elected she served six years on the Council starting in 2004. Millie is now in her fourth year as a member of the Board of Alderman.

Millie throughout her entire career has ALWAYS made decisions and votes “Putting Everett First” Millie’s voice is always that of what is best for the people of Everett. Her record proves her commitment.

Raising a son as a single parent, Millie knows the importance of strong schools and strong school programs. As an Air Force Veteran and lifetime member of the D.A.V., Millie is a strong voice for all veterans. Working in the District Attorney’s Office Millie learned first hand the need for strong Public Safety. Whether it is running a household budget, as manager with an international food service company or as Station Manager at Logan Airport for an airline. Millie has the experience and knows how to write and operate within a budget.

As we slowly see signs of economic improvement, cities such as Everett must be diligent in its approach to it budget and spending habits so that we can build and maintain a stronger foundation. Our progress as a community must be stable and long term for All residents. Now more then ever we need clear leadership not putting forth what is best for one or a selected few, but always “Putting Everett First”.

I, Millie J. Cardello, humbly announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Everett. This fall the voters of Everett will have a real choice. A choice of politics as usual, a vision of continued political patronism, explosive budget increases and run away tax bills… OR a fresh common sense approach that will move the community forward with controlled spending that will bring meaningful growth and development, not at the expense of the average Everett citizen and tax payer but along with them.

My life experiences along with my professional background has given me the knowledge and ability to lead the City as it’s Mayor into the future “ Putting Everett First”.

The road ahead will be a long one, I need your support in my campaign in the up coming months and I respectfully ask for your vote this fall. Please call me with any questions or to join our campaign at 781 354-4869 or email me at [email protected]

… The time for change is NOW, LET’S MAKE HISTORY TOGETHER.


Alderman Millie J. Cardello

Candidate for Mayor

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