Everett’s Top 100

Looking at the story on page one of this week’s Everett Independent will certainly turn a few heads and start the complaints of how these public employees are vastly overpaid at the taxpayers’ expense.  However, in many cases this is not the case.

Looking at the salaries in neighboring Revere will show that in some cases Everett taxpayers are paying below market rate.

A case in point is Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire.

The Superintendent in Revere has always been the highest paid employee.  This year, the Revere Superintendent is paid more than $210,000 and he manages a school system that is very similar.

Foresteire is paid almost $60,000 less.

Another case is the salary of the Mayor of Everett.

Again in Revere, the Mayor’s salary is $117,000 as compared to DiMaria at $89,000 with both job duties being almost identical.

In almost every position, the cost to Everett taxpayers is almost $20,000 less than what is being paid in Revere.

We are not condoning the amount of pay for the Everett employees.

What we are saying is that in the marketplace, many Everett employees are being paid less than their counterparts in similar jobs in neighboring cities and towns.  And in the end, this attempt at parity is what is driving the cost of salaries and what city officials in Everett must try to match so as not to lose employees.

By the way, the top salary in Revere in 2012 was almost $320,000 paid to a police captain.

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