Onto the Election

The hotly-contested Democratic primary for State Representative is over.  We congratulate Councilor Wayne Matewsky on his victory.  The race is on for the special election that is slated April 5.

In addition to Matewsky, Councilor Rosa DiFlorio and School Committee member Dennis Gianatassio will also be appearing on the April ballot.

We urge the voters to listen and ask questions of these candidates.  As we have stated before, the role of a representative is key to a city like Everett in maintaining many of the city services, such as police and fire personnel levels, school teachers and school programs, and street repairs.  In the past 20 years, Everett officials have been looking more and more to state government to help bridge the deficit gap in their budgets.  In recent years, the local aid from the state has been cut and this has sent shock waves through our municipal budget.

Whoever the winner of the election in April will be, the message that must be delivered by our next State Representative is simple: We need help in maintaining the level of city government services that many of our residents, both young and old, desperately need.

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