Ed Markey’s Senate Candidacy: Our Long-time Congressman Has Received Many Endorsements

Although it is the long-standing policy of this newspaper not to endorse candidates for public office, we nonetheless feel compelled to make note of the candidacy of the outstanding, long-time Congressman, Edward J. Markey, for the U.S. Senate seat which has been vacated by John F. Kerry, who is the new Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

It is fair to say that as the dean of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, there is no one representing our interests on Capitol Hill who knows more about the ins and outs of the legislative process than Ed Markey. During his 36 years in office, Ed has served as the chairman of  various committees and subcommittees  and has worked extensively with the Senate over the years. In short, he knows how to work with his fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle and knows how to get things done,  as is attested to by the countless projects which have come to fruition for our district  because of his direct efforts in guiding them through the labyrinthine legislative process in Washington.

However, beyond the nitty gritty of legislative work, Ed Markey has been a champion of consumers and middle-class Americans against the onslaught of big business in all its forms. He has been a sponsor of many bills that have benefited Americans of all ages, races, and genders to an extent perhaps unmatched by anyone in the U.S. Congress today.  Ed Markey always has stood on the side of the average American.

Finally, we recall that when Ed Markey first campaigned for Congress in the summer of 1976, his memorable slogan was, “They can tell me where to sit, but they can’t tell me where to stand.” This was a reference to his failure to follow the party-line while a member of the Mass. House and the action of the late Tom McGee, then the speaker, to remove Markey from his assigned office space and put his desk in a corridor in the basement at the State House. For his entire political career,  Ed Markey always has followed his conscience despite the consequences and his ethics have been beyond reproach.

For all of these reasons, it is perfectly understandable why many of our local officeholders, lead by Speaker of the House Bob  DeLeo, unhesitatingly have endorsed Ed’s candidacy for Senate.

We hope that local voters will pay attention to this important Senate race in the months ahead and will remember who among the candidates has a proven track record of promises made and kept and who has truly stood up for their interests unwaveringly for decades.

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