EHS Principal Suspended for Two Days Suspension Follows Release of Video at EHS

Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire said Friday, that he had met with Everett High School Principal Eric Naumann, and had suspended the high school leader for two days without pay, for his decision to show students a video parody of the “Terminator” movies, entitled “The Naumannator.”

The video was filled with violent imagery and throughout it a woman’s voice could be heard screaming in terror in the background. The video and the political fallout from it achieved national headlines last week, just days after it was shown to students during the morning announcements at Everett High School.

Many parents and some school officials were disappointed in the video and in Naumann for making and releasing it, especially so soon after the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut.

An emergency school committee meeting was called on January 14, at which many parents and students came out to speak on behalf of Principal Naumann as an educator and ask the School Committee and Superintendent for leniency in reprimanding the new principal.

“We met (earlier in the week) and he understands the situation, so he’ll serve his two days suspension and then return to the school and we’ll move forward,” said Superintendent Foresteire. “Beyond that, the matter is personal and will remain confidential.”

Foresteire indicated that he does not feel the incident will have any long term impact on Naumann’s career and said that he still believes that Eric Naumann is the right person to lead Everett High School at this time.

Naumann officially took over as High School Principal upon the return to school from Christmas vacation, but he has been transitioning into the leadership role since the beginning of the year, along with his new Vice Principal Dr. Omar Easy.

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