Shopping Locally This Holiday Season a Few Local Small Business Ideas

Ok, it’s the holiday shopping season and at best, if you’re reading this on Wednesday, you have 12 shopping days left to buy your gifts before Christmas, or Channukah of the Winter Solstice, or whatever you celebrate has passed you by.

We all know that Everett is home to several big box and chain type of retail outlets and if you want to take the easy way out, by all means head over to the Gateway Plaza or Route 16 or Route 1 or some area mall and shop ‘til you drop.

On the other hand, if you want your shopping dollars to actually mean something to the local economy, stop for a few seconds and think about the people on your list who may prefer a gift from one of the five or six locally owned and operated small businesses that are listed below.

Now, before I give you my list of stores, keep in mind that there are not the only local retail outlets that could help you fill out your shopping list. They are just a few ideas to get you thinking. All of the local retailer (yes, even the bug chains) contribute to the local economy, which translates to jobs and productivity for your fellow Everett residents.

However, for me personally, I like the friendly, personal service that seems to be more commonplace at the local mom & pop stores these days and just a few extra customers per week can mean the difference between these stores staying ion business and closing their doors.

Hope you enjoy the list I’ve put together.

Bouvier Jeweller on Norwood St. or Wagner Jewelers on Broadway

Look nothing grabs the attention of someone you love like a big gift in a small box, and when you shop at local jewelry stores you have a better chance of getting something unique or at least hard to find, at a reasonable price.

It could be argued that nothing beats the little blue box, but really personal experience tells me that if it is purchased with the recipient in mind and given from the heart, jewelry is always a winner.

Marji Florist on Main (or any local florist for that matter)

I’ve been in the Marji’s shop, and whether you’re looking for something to bring to a friends house for a holiday party or to your aunt or grandmother, flowers make a beautiful gift and Marji’s has beautiful flowers.

Everett Square Sporting Goods on Broadway

Contrary to popular belief or mainstream media, sporting goods are not just gifts for boys and men. With the rise in popularity of female sports and the ever increasing pool of women (and girls) athletes sporting goods make a great gift for almost everybody.

Sure, you can go to Athlete’s Den or Dick’s Sporting Goods or the Sports Authority, but why drive so far when you have a local retailer who can meet most of your athletic gear needs and you can make sure you get in the colors of the Everett Crimson Tide.

Fishing Fanatics on Main Street

I must confess that I have not been in this shop. I’m not much of a fishermen (maybe when I retire).

However, there is something unique and endearing about looking for a gift for your favorite fishermen at a store that knows exactly how he – or she -feels.

You know you’ve got a sportsman in your life somewhere, why not visit this cool shop and see if they have something that fit’s the bill.

Central Hardware on Ferry Street

Lastly, I give you the last hold out from the big box home improvement stores. Central Hardware is not just a place to buy a hammer or a trash barrel, it’s like stepping back in time to an era when everyone knew their local hardware guy by name.

Guys like tools, even those guys who can’t use them very well, and Central Hardware is a place where you can look to buy the perfect gift for that manly man in your life.

Well, I hope this brief list of local businesses help spark an idea in you to buy your gifts locally. Look for my story next week about local stores where you can buy everything you need for the perfect holiday feast.

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