Greatness Again for EHS

We congratulate the Everett High School football team on another superb season that culminated with the Crimson Tide winning the Super Bowl championship Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

The exciting 20-19 victory over an outstanding Barnstable team reaffirmed Everett High’s status as the premier football program in all of Massachusetts. Everett is ranked No. 1 in the polls once again and has earned its tenth Super Bowl trophy overall.

It truly was a team effort in the GBL championship regular season and in the state playoffs against Masconomet Regional and Barnstable. Every player on the field contributed to the team’s success and ultimate triumph. The players worked hard in practice, dedicated themselves to conditioning and weight training in the off-season, and most importantly played together as a team intent on being a champion.

Of course, the Crimson Tide’s success begins at the top where head coach John DiBiaso has established himself to the point where those in Everett who have watched him build this majestic program – and those in the football community beyond the city’s border –  recognize him as the greatest coach in the history of Massachusetts high school football.

Helped by a brilliant staff of coaches including his long-time assistant, line coach extraordinaire Mike Milo, coach John DiBiaso has taken the Everett High program to heights few could have imagined when he became head coach in 1993. Everett High is fortunate to have coach John DiBiaso who knows the game so well, imparts his knowledge on his players so they will carry forth a love and appreciation of the game of football, and cares deeply for each and every player who wears the Everett High uniform.

The entire community can take pride in the accomplishments of the Everett High football team.  The majority of the players were introduced to the sport in Everett Pop Warner football, an organization that now bears the name Crimson Tide Pop Warner. The EHS cheerleaders and the band, who braved the wintry elements at Gillette Stadium Saturday, are to be commended for their school spirit and support all season.

Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire deserves much credit for his overall leadership and the strong support he demonstrates for the entire Everett athletic program. Mr. Foresteire understands the lessons learned on the athletic field can help a student-athlete develop important skills beyond those that are learned in the classroom.

For the parents who have attended the EHS football banquets, there is no more defining moment of grandeur and respect than when Mr. Foresteire speaks about the scholastic and athletic achievements and the college plans of the senior football players and cheerleaders. You can always sense the personal pride that Mr. Foresteire has in the accomplishments of those seniors who will be moving on to the next chapter in their lives. And he knows that the seniors will hold positive memories of their experience as a result of their association with – may we say it again proudly and reverentially – the premier football program in all of Massachusetts.

Congratulations, Coach DiBiaso and the Everett High football team on being champions in every sense of the word.

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