Officials Seek Input for Lower Broadway : Meeting Scheduled for November 28 at 6 P.M.

The City of Everett is asking for input, from residents and interested business owners, into the planning process for development of the Lower Broadway commercial and residential areas.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. is inviting all businesses, residents and community groups to the community-wide, public meeting regarding the redevelopment of the Lower Broadway area, entitled “Envisioning Everett Together: Planning for Pride, Progress, and Possibilities.”

According to James Errickson, Executive Director the city’s planning and development department, the next meeting on the project, set for Wednesday, November 28th, from 6:00PM to 8:00 PM at the Whittier School, 337 Broadway, will be the third such meeting on this project.

Errickson explained that prior meetings on this important revitalization project, held in June and September, had helped to give city officials and representatives of Sasaki Associates, the city’s planning contractor important ideas about how residents and businesses could coexist comfortably in the Lower Broadway neighborhood.

“What we heard at those meetings was that people felt that residential development should continue to be encouraged in naturally occurring residential areas of that neighborhood and that commercial development is better suited to the existing and natural commercial areas of the Lower Broadway area,” said Errickson. “To the extent that we try to bridge those two areas, we may look to encourage mixed use development and other improvements to connect the two areas, which kind of already exist to the north and south of the Beacham Street area.”

The Mayor and the City recognize that the most important aspect of these visioning meetings is the participation of all residents and community groups. ‘Envisioning Everett Together’ is designed to give residents a chance to share their thoughts about the present and future of Everett in an informal, comfortable setting. All are welcome to attend and share thoughts and ideas on the Final Master Plan.

Envisioning Everett Together has been conducted through a partnership between Sasaki Associates (with GLC Development), the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and the City’s Department of Planning and Development. Charged with overseeing the master planning process for the Lower Broadway neighborhood, Sasaki Associates has provided the city a team of professionals with expertise in real estate market analysis, urban planning and design, architecture and landscape architecture, transportation planning, and waterfront engineering. The MAPC has been working closely with established community organizations in Everett to ensure that all residents have had an opportunity to participate. These teams have also been interacting with residents, businesses, and City Government officials in building a clear vision of potential uses that incorporates the ideas and suggestions from the community.

The Final Master Plan to be presented was developed after receiving extensive public input garnered from the previous visioning meetings. Back in September, two possible,

long-term renovation scenarios were presented to the community, and since that meeting, Sasaki, MAPC, and the City have worked to incorporate both community feedback and current market and research analysis into developing a final usage proposal.

Those who cannot attend are welcome to submit comments in writing to the Department of Planning and Development. If special listening or visual accommodations are needed, please contact: James Errickson, Executive Director Department of Planning and Development , City Hall, Room 25 or email: [email protected] or call 617-394-2245.

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