Mayor’s Salary Rises to $105k

The Everett Common Council voted 16-1 in agreement with the Board of Aldermen’s vote last week to raise the pay for the city’s top elected official from $85,000 annually to $105,000 per year, beginning on January 1, 2013.

The vote gives the mayor a $20,000 annual raise, and helps bring the position into alignment with what other area municipal mayors are getting paid, and also helps to get the mayor toward the top of the pay scale here in Everett as well.

According to Mayor DeMaria’s Communications Director Alyson Dell Isola, the motion to increase the mayor’s salary did not originate with the Mayor’s office and it was not an issue that he had asked the city council to consider.

Rather, the issue came up during a recent salary study of Everett municipal employees, when compared to other cities and towns across eastern Massachusetts.

“This was proposed by the council (Alderman Sal Sachetta and Councilor Rosa DiFlorio) and was based on the recent salary study that was conducted by the Council,” explained Dell Isola. “That study showed that not only was the mayor paid less than what other area mayors are paid in their cities, but that there are several positions within the city government that were paid more than the mayor.”

The article that was passed by the council also includes a mechanism for revisiting the Mayor’s salary each year, beginning on January 1, 2014, and adjusting the pay by applying the three-year average of the unadjusted consumer price index, essentially providing an automatic raise tied to the economy going forward.

Dell Isola did note that this will be the first pay raise for the Mayor since he first took office.

“I’m not sure when the salary for mayor was last adjusted,” said Dell Isola. “It was not during the current administration.”

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