Congressman Capuano Tops the Everett Ticket Among Contested Races with 82 % – Obama, Warren Win Their Races in Everett, Medical Marijuana Wins as Well

13,215 Everett voters helped build wins for democratic candidates across the board, as President Barack Obama and Congressman Michael Capuano won the city in their re-election bids, and U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren added to her voter totals with a strong win here as well.

City Clerk Michael Matarazzo released unofficial election results at city hall just after 9 p.m. on Tuesday night, and there were no surprises among savvy political watchers, as Democrats swept every contested and uncontested race.

The city also reflected the will of the state on the ballot questions, as Everett voters opposed doctor assisted suicide and welcomed medical marijuana, both in large numbers as well.

The following is the city wide vote totals for every race and question on the ballot.

In the race for President, Incumbent Barack Obama grabbed just over 71 percent of the vote with 9,392 votes to Mitt Romney’s 3,582 votes.

Down ballot in the race for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown lost with nearly 36 percent of the vote. Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren had 8,402 votes in Everett to Brown’s 4,656.

Congressman Capuano grabbed the highest percentage of voters in any race, with 9,764 votes, good for 82 percent of the vote and a convincing victory over Karla Romero, who garnered a disappointing 2,120 votes.

In the uncontested election for Councillor, Terrence W. Kennedy had 10,168 votes, equal to nearly 99 percent of the vote.

State Senator Sal DiDomenico had the highest voter total with 10,573 votes and State Representative Stephen “Stat” Smith posted 9,583 votes in his election.

Clerk of Courts Michael Sullivan counted 9,567 supporters in Everett and Register if Deeds Maria C. Curtatone had 9,463 Everett votes in her election.

In the race for Middlesex Sheriff, incumbent Sheriff Peter Koutoujian had 64 percent of the vote, or 7,178 votes to Republican challenger Ernesto Petrone’s 3,914 votes.

On the ballot questions, Everett votes supported Question 1, by 80 percent, but that vote was made unnecessary earlier this year, when the state legislature approved a version of the “Right to Repair” law over the summer.

On Question 2, seeking doctor assisted suicide, Everett voters opposed the measure by 62 percent, with 7,355 votes against and just 4,529 votes in favor.

The medical marijuana question, question 3, was supported by Everett voters 55 to 45 percent, with 6,467 votes for and 5,219 votes against.

For precinct by precinct voting totals, check with the Everett city clerk’s office.

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