The Cityfest Potential

The 2012 Cityfest recently held was a tremendous event in every way. That it was held largely on Norwood Street and in the square is another testament about how much things change and never remain the same in the city.

So many people eating and meeting and sharing in the fun of a no traffic environment in the heart of the city is what this event was all about.

Norwood Street by itself has become a beacon of light as to what exactly this city can be all about in the years and decades to come.

What was a lazy, has been, street, has become about the most lively street in the city attracting thousands for an event like Cityfest while at the same time attracting throngs of diners from outside the city who came to taste different foods and experience different cultures.

A very alive Norwood Street aids in remaking the square and Broadway in both directions. All that must be figured out is how to harness the good energy and how to expand everything good that comes from it.

Cityfest is a winner all the way.

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