Baldi to Retire as EHS Principal in June

Lousi Baldi

At the School Committee meeting on Monday evening, October 1, 2012, members reluctantly voted to accept the resignation of High School Principal Louis Baldi at the end of this year.

Frederick F. Foresteire, Superintendent of Everett Public Schools, announced he had received notice from Baldi that he wished to retire from his position on Friday, December 21st, 2012.

“Louis Baldi has been an outstanding employee of Everett Public Schools for forty years” said the Superintendent, adding that Baldi was unique in his deep, unwavering commitment to his students and “leaves shoes that will be hard to fill.”

Baldi first came to Everett Public Schools in 1953 as a student in Kindergarten at the E.E. Hale School on Glendale Street and graduated from Everett High School in 1966.  After receiving his degree in Economics from Boston College and Master’s Degree in History from Salem State College, Baldi returned to Everett as a teacher and coach in January of 1973.  He moved into administration when appointed as a Department Chair, and continued as Submaster, Vice Principal, and finally as Principal of the high school.

Baldi was appointed the first Principal of the new High School on Elm Street and has served in that position for five years.

Baldi said he felt he had succeeded in achieving his personal goals for the new facility, which included maintaining a safe and productive learning environment for all students; developing of a culture of mutual respect among students, teachers, and administrators; increasing the graduation rate while reducing the dropout rate of students in spite of the many difficulties facing inner-city educators today; and finally, “making the high school an institution in which all of the citizens of Everett can take great pride.”

Baldi said he had tremendously mixed emotions about his decision to retire but that he “leaves a fully accredited high school which I look at with a sense of great accomplishment and pride.”

The high school received notice of its accreditation renewal for the next ten years from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in May 2012 after undergoing a complicated process of evaluation spanning three years.

Superintendent Foresteire thanked Baldi for his long service to the people of Everett and their children and said “it is people like you that have helped make Everett’s schools Everett’s pride!”

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