We Honor James and Mary Trentini

Everett residents James and Mary Trentini of Shute Street died on American Flight 11 bound for Los Angeles on September 11, 2001.

Like the nearly 3,000 innocents that died that day, they were non-violent, religious, family oriented people who never dreamt their lives could be snuffed out just like that, with the snap of a finger.

Yet this is exactly what happened.

Mr. Trentini was a teacher, athletic coach and administrator. His wife worked as an assistant to the athletic director in Byfield for 20 years.

They had four children. They were heading to California to visit their daughter.

“They had to bring an extra suitcase this time because they had so many presents for the kids,” said Don Paris, Patti Trentini Paris husband after the tragedy.

The Trentini’s plane was the first hijacked and the first to crash into the World Trade Tower.

That tragedy was replicated about 3,000 times on that day which remains seared in our memories as one of the worst in our national history.

We honor the Trentinis on this anniversary.

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