Expected Light Vote in Unusual Thursday Primary

Administrative Register of Voters for the City of Eeverett Maureen DiPierro is shown in the City Clerk’s office Tuesday afternoon with the three ballots all Everett voters Thursday will use to vote.

Thursday’s primary, replacing the traditional first Tuesday of September primary, is not expected to bring out a major vote.

Although there is one race Everett voters should be interested in – the District 6 Governor’s Council race.

Secretary of State William Galvin said he is expecting a lower than usual voter turnout because of a large number of what are considered lackluster races. He predicts that turnout at 15 percent statewide and in some places even lower.

Local voters are being prodded by the various candidates to get out and to vote with most candidates believed to be relying on their name recognition and loyalists to cast ballots that will put them over the top.

Another reason voting will be lower than usual. According to Galvin, is the Thursday date instead of the traditional Tuesday primary.

Galvin said the change was made due to timing. According to federal law, he is required to call for an election at least 45 days in advance. However holding the election later this month would not allow enough time for challenges to election results, he said.

Tuesday this week would also have been difficult because election workers would have needed to be called in on the Monday holiday.

The state has held elections twice before on Thursday – in 1988 and 1964 for the same reasons.

Everett’s City Clerk Mike Matarazzo said she agreed with Galvin, he should know,” she said.

“My sense from my experience is that it will be under 15 percent percent most likely. Everett residents tend to stay away from state primaries without a hot local contest,” she added.

There are 18958 voters here. Matarrazzo predicts about 2800 voters will come out, she said.

Voters will find three ballots.

The Democratic ballot includes mainly unopposed candidates.

Those with a race includes Terrence Kennedy and Chip Flaherty for District 6. Register of Deeds has a race as well. Candidates include Robert Antonelli, Frank Ciano Thomas Kincannon, Maria Curatone, Tiziano Doto and Maryann Heuston.

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