Outreach Begins on New Trash Program Special

The Mayor’s Office has begun its outreach campaign to educate residents and businesses on the new residential and commercial trash regulations that will be implemented in the fall.  Pamphlets with essential information translated into several languages are being distributed to individual households.  A summary sheet has been sent out with the most recent batch of water and sewer bills.  Full regulations, the summary sheet, and a helpful FAQ and Concerns document are also available, in their entirety, at City Hall, the Connolly Center, the Parlin Library, and online at the city website –cityofeverett.com.  A PSA on ECTV will be airing in the upcoming weeks.

Under the new Trash and Recycling Regulations each household and business will receive one City-issued, 64-gallon trash bin, free of charge, to complement their existing recycling bin.  These trash bins will replace any independent trash barrels or bins that may have been once used by homeowners or commercial properties.  Trash collection days will remain the same, with the addition of Recycling now being collected every week.  The new trash bins must be placed curbside by 7AM the morning of scheduled pick-up.  Trash must be bagged and placed inside the bins with the lids tightly closed. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in fines.

An official start date for the new program is still to be determined, but expected in mid-September, when bins will be delivered to each household and business.

For questions regarding the program contact the Mayor’s Office at 617.394.2270

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