City Welcomes New ISD Director

Mayor Carlo DeMmaria, Jr. with James Soper, the new Director of Inspectional Services for the City.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. was pleased to announce the addition of James Soper as the new Director of Inspectional Services for the City.  His appointment was confirmed by the Board of Aldermen at their meeting on Monday, August 27th.

Mr. Soper is a certified Building Inspector with over twenty years experience.  He currently resides in Winthrop with his wife Diane.  They are the proud parents of two children, James, 26, and Jennifer, 24.  Soper holds a degree from Norwich University and his background includes study in International Residential Code, International Building Code, Fire Alarm, Suppression, Building Management and Law, and Building Technologies.  For the past five years he served as the Building Commissioner for the Town of Winthrop.  His experience in Winthrop also allowed him to collaborate with its Board of Health, where he cross-trained and acted as a Health Inspector.  His far -reaching experience and technical qualifications make him the ideal candidate for ISD Director.

Soper looks forward to implementing the complete consolidation of Everett’s Inspectional Services.  He believes this will not only increase efficiency for the City, but also will create a better experience for the residents and businesses needing ISD services. In tandem with complete consolidation, Soper wants to rework and expand the Code Enforcement Task Force – a cross-departmental group aimed at full property inspections throughout the City.  In addition, Soper also hopes to assist in the full integration of the GeoTMS and GIS database systems, which will be utilized not only by ISD, but also the Engineering, Board of Health, Parking, Police, Fire, Assessors, City Clerk, and Planning and Development Departments.