Thank You Senator Didomenico

Headlines never tell the whole story about the major news stories that effect our lives.

Such a headline and such a story about the bill signed by the governor last week that stops ethanol from being transported through Everett qualifies in both ways.

Our headline praised Senator Anthony Petruccelli (D-East Boston) because it was his amendment. And we praised the governor because he signed the bill that put the kibosh on having 60 car freight trains loaded with ethanol passing through Everett twice weekly.

Now ethanol can’t pass through Everett at all.

A closer look, however, reveals that our state senator, Sal DiDomenico co-sponsored the amendment to the transportation bond bill that stopped ethanol from coming through Everett.

Not only did he do this, but contacted the conference committee and urged each of its members to include the ban in the bill.

And they did.

This amendment stops ethanol from being transported through Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and into Everett, Chelsea, East Boston and Revere.

It was about as important as an amendment gets – and Senator DiDomenico worked diligently for it.

In addition, Senator DiDomenico was tough with the Department of Environmental Protection, expressing his firm opposition to Global Petroleum’s application for the right to transport ethanol.

Keep in mind, ethanol is about as highly flammable as a fuel can get.

There have been incredible explosions caused by ethanol ignition in trains in the mid-west and the far west.

Such an explosion here while this stuff was passing through Everett would be catastrophic.

This amendment and the care Senator DiDomenico took to make sure it would pass and that the governor would then sign the bill is what it takes to have a major impact on peoples’ lives when you serve in the Massachusetts Senate.

Senator DiDomenico is into what he is doing – totally into it.

He pays attention.

He cares.

It shows.

He’s making a first class, heads up senator.

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