Glendale Park Capital Improvements Update

Artist rendition of Glendale Park.

In keeping with his belief of transparency and communication in government, Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. is pleased to update residents on projects outlined in the current Capital Improvement Plans as they progress.

The final design phase for reconstruction of Glendale Park is now complete by Nesra Engineering.  At the heart of the City, Glendale Park is a space utilized by students, residents, and local organizations alike.  It’s proximity to the High School, Recreation Center, DCR Pool and Skating Rink, makes the park a true center of recreational activity in Everett.

Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) are prepared to educate citizens about capital planning within the City’s financial forecast. Progressive organizations, like the City of Everett, focus on capital planning because it allows for targeted, strategic financial decision-making that results in critical projects, which leave a lasting impact on our community.

Everett has evolved over the past four years. Where the City was once reactionary in the approach to budgeting, finance, and special projects, the City now relies on strategic planning and budgeting, that can use carefully crafted five-year financial forecasts to predict revenues and expenditures.  The adoption of a CIP shows the administration and the City Council recognize the importance of capital investments for community’s economic health and quality of life.

The Glendale design includes a natural turf baseball field and two softball fields with engineered root-zone material, subsurface drainage layers and an updated irrigation system, all which will help maintain stronger, longer-lasting sod.  New athletic field lighting will target areas of play, while independent pedestrian lighting will illuminate the other areas of the park, such as the perimeter walkways.  The existing Tot Lot will be completely overhauled.  It will be made larger and ADA compliant.

The most drastic improvement will be to the overall beautification of the space. Formalized entrance areas, ornamental fencing, decorative lampposts, drinking fountains, and standardized benches and trash receptacles will highlight the significant improvements in landscaping such as retaining walls, flowerbeds, planters, and more.

The Glendale Park renovation project will provide a state of the art facility that will make every resident proud.  It will be a main attraction for our City – serving as athletic fields for Everett High School teams and local sports organizations, and as recreational space for families.

The project is currently out to bid for construction and the bid opening is scheduled for Monday, August 13th.

Residents will continue to be updated and asked for their input once the construction phase commences.  The Mayor is looking to conduct an informational session with residents in the fall.

Design schematics included.

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