The Voice at Fenway: James Massone Sings National Anthem Before Red Sox Game

James Massone, who became a national singing sensation as a result of his performances on the NBC television show, “The Voice,” sings the National Anthem before the July 18 Boston
Red Sox game at Fenway Park. James’ father, Jimmy, is the owner of Malden Auto Body located at 87 Broadway, Everett.

James Massone is becoming a major celebrity in the Boston area.

The 24-year-old son of Jimmy Massone, owner of Malden Auto Body in Everett, James began his rise to stardom as a contestant on NBC’s national television show, “The Voice,” as fans began to take notice of his outstanding vocal talents and charismatic on-stage presence with each succeeding performance.

Massone lives in Wakefield and grew up a fan of Boston sports teams, often attending Red Sox games at Fenway Park with his father. Last Wednesday night, Massone was at Fenway Park but this time he was there to sing the National Anthem before the Red Sox-White Sox game.

Wearing a Red Sox jersey, Massone rose to the occasion and delivered a flawless and stirring rendition of the Anthem in front of another sellout crowd of 37,000 fans. Even as a young fan of the Sox, Massone felt he might one day be called upon to sing the Anthem at American’s most beloved ballpark.

“I kind of thought that I would be out there  someday singing the National Anthem and get a chance to be on the field,” said Massone. “It’s an honor to be here, it really is.  It’s bigger when you’re on the field, it’s a great feeling.”

Although his performance drew hefty applause from Sox fans, James confessed that singing this particular song was not something he took lightly.

“The National Anthem is nerve wracking because it’s the one song you don’t want to mess up. If you say you’re not nervous, I think you’d be lying because it’s tough out there in front of all those people.”

The humble Massone understands how far his career has skyrocketed in the past year.

“A year ago I would have been sitting at home and not be doing anything like this,” said Massone. “I’m working on my own songs right now and hope to keep the recognition going.”

Already a huge hit among the teenage set, Massone has been appealing to wider audience and his future looks exceedingly bright. He just completed a mini-tour that included an appearance at the Parx Casino in Pennsylvania.

(James Masson’s rendition of the National Anthrm at Fenway can be viewed on YouTube under “James Massone National Anthem.” His website is  HYPERLINK “”

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