The Mayor and the Moment

Everything is fluid in politics. Politics is a bit like the ever-changing tides – the waves roll in and then they roll out. The only thing we know for sure is that the waves are always rolling in the ocean.

There are of course times when the ocean is placid, that is, without waves, without perceptible movement. Even in these circumstances, the streams underneath the water are pushing it here and there.

Right now, there are no waves in the local political scene to speak of.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria stands alone, uniquely, as the city’s foremost important leader.

At this point in his administration, there is no one in sight that can reasonably expect to topple him from his perch.

Alderman Robert Van Campen is most often talked about as the only one considering a run against the mayor.

However, Van Campen is a conservative man who has done a great deal of posturing but not very much when it comes to loading the gun and pulling the trigger on a mayoral run.

Perhaps he will do this in the future. Perhaps not.

At the moment, the mayor is untouchable and if he keeps doing the right thing, he will remain that way.

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