Rep. Smith to Be in Chelsea Court This Month on Charges with the Revere Fire Department

Everett State Rep. Steven ‘Stat’ Smith is scheduled for a criminal hearing in Chelsea District Court this month for not conforming to the orders of the Revere Fire Department.

Revere Chief Gene Doherty said that Smith is scheduled to have a hearing in Chelsea District Court with the Fire Department on July 25th at 10 a.m.

Doherty indicated that Smith still has not produced a plan or a contractor to conform to the demand by the Fire Department to install a new fire system in his properties on Yeamans Street in Revere.

“He still hasn’t come in with a full plan to make the necessary changes we asked him to make,” Doherty said. “He says he’s still trying to find a contractor.”

In late May, on a routine response by the Revere Fire Department, Smith was found to have 24 apartments in a complex only approved for 12 apartments. Revere officials contend that Smith had 12 illegal units in the two buildings and had numerous building and fire code violations. It was one of the worst situations Revere inspectors had run across. Since that time, Revere inspectors have apparently struggled to get Smith to comply with their orders, though Smith recently said he is doing everything asked of him and learning as he goes.

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